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The enterprise culture
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Sustainable development is the stone laser culture, one of the most important aspects of the brand and the value. In the stone, "sustainable development" is defined as the company's continued ability, including: technology innovation, to provide better products and services, meet the social demand of evolving; Contribute to the sustainable environment; Constantly attract new blood to join our staff; And keep customers, agents and the trust and support of our business community.

In 2015, we will continue to corporate goals and values as the guiding principle, adhere to the concept of sustainable development into the company's daily operations, all kinds of measures and listed in the present report partnership will show how we are committed to addressing the challenges facing companies in sustainable development, and leading the sustainable development road. We will through four different but related to each other's point of view to explain sustainable development:

Laser engraving function of sustainable development - the maximum mining potential, and provide consumers with convenient carving, meet the demand of customers increasing communication, let the laser for the benefit of humanity

The sustainable development of environment, through the pursuit of innovation in the process of enterprise operation and the reasonable use of land, energy, water and packaging materials, protect the natural resources, to be a good citizen of the earth

The sustainable development of talent - to invest staff team construction, to help them achieve career development skills and master the company's performance growth needed, at the same time for us to service the community to create jobs

The sustainable development of society, to give back to society, to do a responsible corporate citizen